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Let me introduce myself and OLAPLEX!

Hello beauties and welcome to the shine hair consultants blog.  Let me introduce myself.  I'm Brooke, senior Wellington hairdressering stylist, with 11 years experience, mum, magician and now apparently a blogger!!!

To set things off with a bang I thought we'd roll up our sleeves and get stuck into it with my number one FAVE . . .OLAPLEX!

If you haven't heard of it yet you may want to check the rock you live under has a letter box.  This product has taken the world by storm! We have celebrities, left, right, and centre chopping and changing colours on what seems like a daily basis and 'write ups' in influential magazines.  It's fast becoming everybody's secret potion to "hair youth."

OLAPLEX is your next must have and you must have it now !

So what is OLAPLEX you ask?

As a hairstylist, the easiest way to explain OLAPLEX is that it's a brand spanking new product to the hairdressing world.  OLAPLEX is a 2 step, in salon treatment, followed by a 3rd take home step.  Quite simply OLAPLEX goes into the hair and on a molecular level and rebuilds all of those tiny broken bonds in your hair.  HAZAAAAARRR! It's a hair miracle I tell you! The results we are getting from OLAPLEX are amazing!  It returns even the most frazzled hair to a respectable state.  And because of this your colours last longer.  Your hair is shinier, less frizzy, and just like you'd imagine your 'way back when hair' was - easier to manage.  Healthy hair also allows us, as your hairstylist, to push the boundaries slightly with colour (if you wish), as healthier hair can be pushed slightly further than fried hair.

OLAPLEX also doesn't take anything away from your regular haircare routine so you wash and condition and use everything else prescribed to you by your stylist, with the exception of adding the 3rd OLAPLEX step to your shower routine once a week!

Everyone can benefit from some OLAPLEX love!  Let's not candy coat though! This is not an "organic" or a "naturally derived" product.  It was designed just like everything else humans do, in a lab! It also does not allow you to go from black to blonde in one sitting but don't let this put you off.  Take it from me, if you have any hair on your head . . . you need OLAPLEX!



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