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Hi everyone, I'm Jamie, the salon assistant you will see making your coffees and booking your appointments. I have just, in the last week, finished my double degree of Criminology and Sociology at Victoria University, VERY different from salon work! I enjoy working at the salon as allows me to learn a lot about hair and products and play around with colours, ranging from the brightest copper to warm red tones and even the full head of blonde foils (sorry hair!).

Why Choose Copper?

Copper and red tones can be scary for most people to try but I am going to tell you why and how they can be a lot of fun! Orange hair is definitely among the minority of colours you see on the street, and who doesn't enjoy being different for a start?!

Wellington hair color

What Products to Use?

As I said, copper and red tones can be scary for most people, which is why a great option for trying this hair colour out is to use FABULOSO. I have tried this myself (see right) when I wasn't quite sure if I wanted to say goodbye to my blonde locks for orange once again. This product is a colour conditioner that can be applied at either the salon or at home and is a wash out product.

When colouring your hair copper, it is quite common for the colour to pick up on natural highlights in your hair or to pick up on previous colour work you have had. This means that you will very rarely ever have one block colour of copper but instead, a head full of different tones, reflecting off your hair.

When it comes to the natural fading of your colour you will have months of different tones of your copper to enjoy. This means that you do not have to rush back to the salon to get your hair re-coloured and fixed up, instead you can play around with the tones, which personally I enjoy as they come off more natural looking.

Copper Hair Colour

How to ROCK these tones?

With my orange, copper and red tones, my wardrobe is full of blue and green clothes. I steer clear of oranges, reds and pinks and instead wear blues and greens to make my hair stand out even more. Another thing I also enjoy with this hair colour is that wearing black is now never too boring. Your bright orange hair automatically gives you some colour and ensures you do not look washed out and boring if you want to embrace a black outfit.

Try something different this summer, stand out from the crowd and try some copper tones! You will love it!

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