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December 7 2015

Hi, my name is Ella, I’m 16 years old.  April, from Shine Hair - Wellington Hairdressers, has asked me to share what I’ve noticed in recent hair trends among teens.

People my age don’t tend to have the money to pick hairstyles which require constant upkeep (and therefore lots of spare money), or time in the mornings before school to spend on their hair.  These factors contribute to the tendency of low-maintenance hairstyles among girls my age.

Teen haircuts

The Long Bob at Shine Hair - Wellington HairdressersThese days, having a “cool” or edgy hairstyle seems to be somewhat more desirable than having “pretty hair”.  Shorter haircuts tend to look a lot more grown-up, which lends itself to the “edgy” vibe.  Pixie and asymmetrical haircuts are very modern, but I don’t see much of them among my own age group.  However, the ‘LOB’ (Long Bob - a blunt shoulder-length cut- check out the picture) is currently really popular among my peers, and a style that I see sported by those within my age group and older.  

Hair colour trends

Ombre at Wellington Hairdressers - Shine HairOne of the hair colour trends which I see the most among people my age is ombre.  This is a technique which gradually blends the natural colour of the hair root with another colour, usually blonde, or a lighter hue of the natural colour (pictured).  This technique is ideal for teens, because it requires very little upkeep, and can simply be grown out.  

Other popular colour trend among teens are highlights or foils -  streaks of a slightly lighter colour placed throughout the hair.

What do you other teens think?  Post your thoughts and ideas on the Shine Hair Facebook Page.

Ella x




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