tips and tricks

How to add shine to your hair:
After washing with shampoo and conditioner, do a rinse with cold water. . . You must be courageous for this one! The cold water closes the cuticle and helps to bring shine to your hair.


How to make your hair softer and more manageable: 
Always apply conditioner or treatments onto towel dried hair or the excess water will dilute the product, not allowing your hair to fully benefit.


How to successfully grow longer hair:
For those of us who dream of longer hair, remember you need to get the ends trimmed regularly to encourage healthy hair growth. Split ends will only get worse as they creep up the hair shaft. Treatments help to restructure the hair, but they will not rebond split ends.

How to use irons correctly: 
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS use heat protection when styling hair with irons. It is important to make sure that your hair is protected our you can cause irreversible damage. Using a temperature gauge, featured on the Cloud 9 Irons, appropriately will ensure you aren't adding more heat than necessary.



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